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:• WINDS OF GENOCIDE - The Arrival of Apokalyptic Armageddon Cassette

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This is the 6 track e.p. release from the Death/Crust Kommandos from Durham in the U.K.  All 6 tracks deal with apocalypse style scenarios and each track is an absolute belter!! Kat delivers the vocal with the deepest growls you will ever hear, more than ably backed by Glynn on guitar,Linus on drums and Dan on bass. The band come from the more metal end of crust than the punk one but crust it is and bloody class stuff indeed!!!

The band are tight as fuck and Glynns guitar work is really top notch,he gets a really good sound out of it. My fave tracks are "Doomsday Soldiers" and "Storms of Hooded Horsemen" but all six tracks are really top notch. The only problem I had with this release it was over way too quickly, more please!!!! Great release from a great band, one I like a lot and really hope to hear a load more from. I think this is still availble from the band if not check out the distros for a copy, can't really recommend this highly enough, get it!!!!