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• WITH THE DEAD - Self Titled LP

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So, With The Dead are the result of what seems to be an obvious alchemical process. It only seems logical that such a band should, at some point in time, exist. Comprising of ex-Electric Wizard members Tim Bagshaw and Mark Greening (also founding members of Ramesses) and joined by Lee Dorian, legendary vocalist of Cathedral and Napalm Death, With The Dead seems to be now the focal point of the three musicians.
The pedigree should be quite well known, just by the mention of these names, and on the debut album of With The Dead you get pretty much what you can imagine: massive riffs, a slow pace, horrific inputs along with Dorian’s trademark vocals. The origin of these tracks is mainly instinctive, with the structure pointing towards some demonic jam session, which has the advantage of being recorded with precision. Therefore, you do get the best of both worlds in that aspect. - TAKEN from CVLTNATION.COM