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Sweden’s Wolfbrigade have been around in one guise or another (formerly Wolfpack) since 1995 – the changing lineup finally unleashing a new full length with Damned, their first in four long years. Seen as pioneers of the Swedish crust/d-beat scene, Wolfbrigade play an unrelenting form of metal tinged hardcore-esque punk that never seems to stop, leaving you quite breathless. Somehow crow barring twelve tracks into a scant thirty-five minute run time, Wolfbrigade decimate with pure fury and ferocious statements of intent. Damned is a record savage in nature. The spite bursts forth in the constantly moving guitar leads, changing up from edgy punk riffs to gorgeously heavy soaring lines – particularly in “From Beyond” – with nary a hint of warning making this album incredibly appealing to those who are looking for something with that little bit extra. Damned just does not stop. Take a moment to hear it. And then another to recover.