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• Y-DRA - No Brain Dance Cassette

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RED color cassette with jewel case version

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Yennu Ariendra aka Y-DRA is a music composer, producer, musician, DJ and digital artist who works in the area of music, performance and also visual. Almost all of his works depart from the values of tradition and history in Indonesia, Java in particular. The methods of creation also involved a Javanese cultural approach, such embodiment, and instinctive expression, which intertwined between local and global, past and present, traditional and modern.

Besides as a solo artist, currently he working in the experimental duo “Raja Kirik”, the art collective “Teater Garasi / Garasi Performance Institute”, the rock band “Melancholic Bitch”, the music label “Trauma Rhythm Record”, the “WYST” sound laboratory and the puppet theater group “Papermoon Puppet Theater”. The music album “No-Brain Dance” (2019), the visual exhibition “Image of the Giant” (2019) and the music album “Raja Kirik” (2018) are his recent works.

Inspired by Dangdut Koplo, Dance Music that developed in Java. Koplo or Dangdut Koplo or just Dangdut modern style is dance music that born and develop in the grass-root. For Indonesian, Koplo is associated with Koplo pills. Psychotropic drugs are inexpensive (actually standard drugs) and are intoxicating if consumed in large quantities. Many people die from overuse. Koplo also means stupid, retard or no brain, words that are quite clear to describe Koplo regarding the music, the lyrics, and the dance.

Koplo is a cultural resistance in the contemporary map. Like the previous local folk arts, they built on the same spirit of resistance. Koplo is a dystopia, a world built through disappointment, celebrated in various stage; television, hajatan stage, YouTube, Spotify, social media, street musician or even in public transportation.

The album tried to represent Koplo spirit, methodes and resistance in global today’s context