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• YACØPSÆ - Krank Ist Normal Cassette / Tanz, Grozny, Tanz Cassette

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Yacøpsæ but for ease of typing I will be referring to them as Yacopsae throughout this review, are a band from Germany. They formed in 1990 and decided that it would be cool to be a super-fast, super-aggressive, super-loud hardcore band. They released a ***-load of splits with bands like Inner Conflict and although they began as just a guitarist/vocalist and drummer twosome, bassist Frank joined in 1996 and the line-up has stayed the same since. Yacopsae actually got pretty famous as a result of their numerous covers of pop, punk and metal songs, with their covers of The Cure’s 'Boys Don’t Cry' and Deep Purple’s 'Smoke on the Water' being particularly amusing.

Krank Ist Normal Cassette
These are the tracks from their debut 7" vinyl EP (originally released in 1994 by Rødel Records), re-recorded for their 20 years anniversary.

Tanz, Grozny, Tanz Cassette
The third and latest full length output by Yacopsae is one of the fastest and most unforgiving releases of the last years. The turbo-core team from Hamburg realy nailed it, creating a record filled to the rim with blistering fast drums, pounding bass, razor like riffing and Stoffel's lungs pushed to their limits. This is the definition of fast music, no time to waste breathing here, just pure, unrelenting and face-slapping turbo speed core. Yacopsae are one of the most important bands around in Europe today and this record shows why they are deserving it.