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Nika Rosa Danilova's Zola Jesus project has always been ambitious, and Taiga is her boldest reach yet for the pop stratosphere. Ironically, the album's strongest moments come when Danilova's sights aren't set on pop music.

Taiga is Danilova's “pop album,” a tag that's been somewhat overstated. Yes, it's her first full-length on the relatively deep-pocketed Mute, as well as her first with co-producer Dean Hurley (David Lynch, Danger Mouse); and, yes, she told Billboard that she wanted the album to top the charts. But Taiga doesn't sound perky, lightweight, or even radio-ready. Lead single “Dangerous Days”, originally written for the 2011 LP Conatus, has the makings of pop: a gentle throbbing beat, post-chorus synth comedowns, and lyrics that suggest a sideways view of a seize-the-day message.