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• ZOO - Khawagaka T-Shirt

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BLACK long t-shirt with white front, back print and sleeve prints

Official merch of Zoo

Zoo is a band based in Yogyakarta, a metaphor for modern civilization, and that is the big theme which underlies every aspect of the band. Modern world serves the purpose of creating more advanced, systematic, human-centered civilization while detaching themselves from nature, traditions, and anything ‘wild’ and ‘chaotic’ but on the other hand it's leading them toward new kind of chaos, disorder, and worse, destruction. 

The album, Khawagaka, was released on a very unique date. Namely on January 1, 2019 at 00.00 Time in the Line Islands, Republic of Kiribati (UTC + 14), when all places on Earth other than the zone are still in 2018. This determination refers to the vision and milestone of the Samasthamarta Civilization, a long-term art project concept from Zoo.

Khawagaka is the six basic teachings in the Samasthamarta civilization, divided into 17 verses, which include various concepts that underlie the belief system; ranging from creation, beliefs, prohibitions, history, guidance, to predictions.

The discovery of the Khawagaka manuscript marks a new beginning for Zoo in the creation of subsequent albums. as well as closing the prehistoric civilization round that had been built previously through the album Trilogy of Civilizations (2009), Inscription (2012), and Samasthamarta (2015).

Width / Length (cm)
45-47 / 68-69 - S
51-53 / 73-75 - M
54-57 / 76-78 - L
58-61 / 78-81 - XL
62-64 / 81-83 - 2XL

• 170GSM / 24s / 100% Cotton
• shoulder to shoulder tape
• pre-shrunk
• double needle bottom hem