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• Alena Murang "Spirit : A Show By Alena Murang" T-Shirt

RM 40.00

WOVEN EMBROIDERY on the front design
DIGITAL PRINT on the the back design

DARK BLUE color t-shirt version

Once considered taboo for women to play or even touch the sape in the olden days, modern day Sarawak female sape player Alena Murang brings out the hauntingly beautiful sound of the stringed instrument with the soothing melodies of Sarawak folksongs.

Alena Murang and her band presents SPIRIT, a journey along the Ulu Baram river through stories and song. Singing in the endangered Kelabit and Kenyah languages, SPIRIT is the culmination of over twenty years of Alena living, learning and receiving cultural artforms. Alena Murang’s latest show has been presented to sold out audiences in Kuala Lumpur.

shoulder x chest x sleeve x length
measurement may vary +/- 5%

(16" x 38" x 8" x 27")

(17" x 40" x 8.5" x 28")

(18" x 42" x 9" x 29")

(19" x 44" x 9.5" x 30")

(20" x 46" x 10" x 31")