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From the post-dissolution of Homicide,Morgue Vanguard teamed up DJ EvilCutzand Sarkasz in 2014 for this rhyming andbeat-making incarnation with new ideas,new formulas and new rage, all warpedin analog-generated method.

After releasing the first single 'All CopsAre Gods' on the compilation album‘Memobilisasi Kemuakan’, the secondsingle 'Tiada Garuda Di Dadaku' for thecompilation album 'Organize!' and inearly 2018, the third single Single RadioRaheem. Finally the rhyme and beat unitfrom Bandung, Bars Of Death will soonrelease its first album "Morbid Funk" inMarch 2020. 

A breathtaking artwork by Riandy Karuniawan accompany a fistful of swansongs to yourway, are you ready for it?

Radio Raheem single from 2018.