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• DEFIANCE "The Very Best Of and We Dont Care" LP

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Puke N Vomit Records is proud to announce that for the first time on vinyl you can get this awesome collection of PDX punk that until now had only been available on CD and tape. The collection showcases some of the fiercest and catchy, blistering '90s anarcho-tinged street punk/rock 'n' roll to assault the Pacific Northwest. The album features tracks from the "No Future No Hope" LP, "No Time" EP, "Nothing Last Forever" LP, "Out Of The Ashes" LP, "Against The Law" EP, and "Rise And Fall" LP.


1. No Future No Hope
2. Fuck This City
3. Burn
4. Hands Of The Few
5. You Got It All Wrong
6. Fight The Real Enemy
7. Dead And Gone
8. Nowhere
9. Spoils Of The Last War
10. Into The Dust
11. It's Too Late
12. Fall Into Line
13. Last Night
14. Still Got Fuck All
15. Doing What You're Told