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• Felix Dass & John Navid - Musik Jakarta : Issue 01 Book

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4 Colored Risograph print // Printed on Munken Pure 130 gsm // 74 Pages
Language : Bahasa Indonesia

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Jakarta’s huge contribution in defining Indonesia’s popular culture offers opportunities to make the right connections. But connecting with the city’s independent music scene is to understand its smallest, previously unseen and undocumented details.

Never to take small things for granted, Felix Dass has been documenting the scene all these years. This time, he brings John Navid on board as photographer, in hopes to deliver the bigger picture – the vibrant and colorful stories of Jakarta’s sidestream music.

This journal is a story of Jakarta’s beginning journey to self-rediscovery. Felix Dass will share his efforts to deliver and reintroduce Jakarta’s independent music scene to the public. In a sprawling capital of the biggest, developing country in South East Asia, how can he help his beloved independent music scene navigate its future?

MusikJakarta vol 01 features talks with :

Kukuh Rizal Arfianto
Shunsuke Izumimoto
Samson Pho
Soleh Solihun
Adinda Simandjuntak
Kendra Ahimsa
Merdi Leonardo