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• Mocca "My Diary" LP

RM 228.00

Fast Forward Records

2023 reissue/repress by Fast Forward Records
On Black Vinyl 

Their debut album My Diary contains 13 songs which were written sequentially based on their story telling concept. The concept was illustrated by Mocca through a girl’s point of view who frequently wrote her daily experiences into a diary.

The album started with a song: ‘Once upon a time’ as an intro, and followed by her first encounter with her secret admirer (song: secret admirer), then after a long hesitation (twist me around, what if) she decided to get steady with the boy (me & my boyfriend). Thus, they caught up in a fight (telephone), got broke up(when the moonlight shine), and in the end they understood that they weren’t meant for each other (Rain will fall, Life keeps on turning).

“All songs are written in English, therefore most part of the world could understand the lyrics and it’ll alleviate mocca’s way to go international. ”Every event was signified by different beat according to the girl’s mood. There are waltz, bossanova, rock n roll even 70’s disco beat.