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• Morbid Life Society "1991 and 1988 Demos" Cassette

RM 48.00

625 Thrash

This is a release of two demos from Morbid Life Society. This tape was produced by 625 and Monkey King Records.

Demo 1991 was recorded in our rehearsal studio by Chris Cortez. Demo 1988 was recorded by Andre Custodio at CCSF.
This release has new artwork featuring flyer, tickets and pictures from that era. Also included is a video of a unreleased song called "Which Chuck is Pat?" from a Morty's (San Francisco) performance by the original trio.

Morbid Life Society was a thrash crossover band from 1987 to 1991. We were in our late teens when we jumped into the San Francisco thrash scene. Not your typical metalheads, we looked like we were dropped off from summer camp. We played all San Francisco warehouses, clubs and house parties. We recorded a couple of demos so we could book shows and played with some awesome bands. It was a great time for heavy music in the Bay. Hope you enjoy this slice of 80"s SF thrash crossover from Morbid Life Society.