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• ADLY SYAIRI RAMLY & NAZA MOHAMAD - Psyche Oh! A Go Go : Lost Gems Of Malaysia / Singapore Pop Music '64-'74 Book (RESTOCK)

RM 90.00

128 color pages including hard cover
22 tracks CD compilation

This book offers a primer of obscure Malaysian pop music from the 1960s and 70s, which comes with a handpicked CD of 22 rare tracks. Names such Rudyn Al-Haj, A. Zanne & The Fifty Fifty, A. Halim & De'Fictions, Fatimah Ismail, Adnan Othman & The Wanderers, Helen Velu & The Kilats, A. Sukiyaki & The Swinging Surfaris, M. Said & Les Remaja and Rubiah Lubis are some highlights.

The book itself offers a breezy music guide, journeying through a Bahasa Malaysia EP from Singapore's The Quests, entries on the mysterious acts Y. Hashim Dengan The Lost Dimensions and Azizah Jais & The Rebels right to the edgy side of the legendary Rocky Teoh.

Along with writer friend Adly Syairi Ramly, Naza shortlisted 100 EPs and 7" singles from his personal collection, and discussed how he wanted to reintroduce them to the masses. The pandemic lockdown period also gave them enough downtime to fine tune the selections. ThePsyche Oh! A Go Gobook, designed byCultkids, offers a gateway into this rarely mentioned side of local music, which spanned early garage rock, funk soul, Nusantara grooves and mind-altering psychedelic music."This book needed to be written despite the fact that we had very little information here. It's about music documentation in a loose sense. This exciting music in the book impacted the lives of a niche generation of fans, and if you look at the big picture, these groups were trailblazers that were ahead of their time," says Adly.