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• Pre Order - Beyond The Music: How Punks are Saving the World with DIY Ethics, Skills, & Values BOOK by Joe Biel

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192 pages, 5x8", paperback
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Exploring the cultural practices of punk

Punk is notorious for its loud music, aggressive attitude, and safety-pinned style. Less well known is the radical value system that has emerged hand in hand with the sound and aesthetic. Since the 1970s, punks have built their music, fashion, and lifestyles around core values of social justice, creative freedom, community integrity, fiercely democratic politics and do-it-yourself ingenuity. From journalism to psychology, graphic design to alternative fuel, bodybuilding to the Occupy movement, these interviews show just some of the ways that punk values continue to shape mainstream American life.

Includes interviews with (among many others) Ian Mackaye, Nate Powell, Cristy Road, Ben Weasel, Brea Grant, Joshua Kahn Russell, Wells Tower, Sander Hicks, Anne Elizabeth Moore, and Chris Clavin, and an afterword by Mark Andersen of Positive Force DC.