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• LANA DEL RAY "Born to die (Paradise Edition)" - Deluxe LP

RM 160.00


12" Paradise in limited slipcase with sticker:

"8 Brand New Tracks On Heavyweight Vinyl"
"Limited slipcase holds original 'Born To Die' LP"

Includes info sheet with lyrics.

With one or 2 exceptions, every song on this long album is a sonic masterpiece - just one indelibly memorable track after the other. The entire album is inspired from a level of consciousness most artists never get a glimpse of. It's got an old world feel to it. Born to Die could have been sent back through time and released in the late sixties, and with the exception of the swear words, it would have fit right in with other popular music of that era. The lyrics are dark but brilliant. I'd like to think that Lana is portraying characters here (and I believe she's said as much in interviews), and not the gold-digging, drugged out, shallow and all around terrible person described by some of these lyrics. How could she be? She'd never tap into this level of excellence if she was. It's mandatory listening for all fans of true music!