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• Piri Ries “Ritma” CD (Japan Press)

RM 68.00

3L Records

Japan Press. Come with Obi-Strip!

New album. The LP had been released a year before we can see the CD version that just been Released in 2023 by Japanese label, 3L Records. This Japan limited edition CD with Japanese lyrics translation. 10 new tracks album entitled, Ritma from this emo-violence band from Kuala Lumpur. Solid recording, tight playing and awesome packaging. Come with Obi Strip and, well, you know better how's the Japan CD import will appear to be...

Tracklist : 

1. Merentap Sayap Malaikat
2. Burden By Beauty
3. Pusara Atas Langit
4. Heimlich Manoeuvre Tiger Suplex
5. Cigarette For An Actor
6. All Is Well, Mr. Hildebrandt
7. Arsitektur Yang Gagal
8. Curse on Pasumpahan Island
9. Berkelana ke Kelana Jaya
10. Untuk Kimi