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Otherworldly mysterious UK dark ambient death metal entity ABYSSAL have completed work on their fourth opus “A Beacon In The Husk”. Standing as the most colossal and ambitious ABYSSAL offering yet, “A Beacon In The Husk” stretches the ABYSSAL sound into even darker, more abstract, noiser, and progressive realms than anything within the ABYSSAL oeuvre.

Four years following the acclaimed “Antikatastaseis” observation, an album in which saw ABYSSAL take a slightly more structured approach to the enveloping death metal horror and one that brought awareness to ABYSSAL as one of the most prominent death metal artists emerging from the UK, “A Beacon In The Husk” brings the audial terror to a whole new suffocating and overbearing complex level, even at times making it the most outlier ABYSSAL album to date.

Part of current vanguard of UK death metal with Grave Miasma and Cruciamentum. Also part of the dark/ambient, abstract, more experimental death metal movement. For fans of Portal, Impetuous Ritual, Mitochondrion