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• Asbestos "Loud Noise Infection" LP

RM 108.00

F.O.A.D Records

Solid black vinyl limited to 250 copies.

The return of this veteran metallic hardcore unit, detonatic ears with their thrash-fueled aggression since 1988! 10 songs, brand new studio recordings from 2022.

One of the earliest Japanese HC bands to introduce crust elements in their sound combining them with a solid metal/punk edge... this new album, following their classic debut "The final solution..." (1989) recently reissued by FOAD Records and mid 90's opus "Agonized cry" (more leaning towards Amebix/Antisect influences), keeps their banner high with viciously addictive riffs and vitriolic vocals that bring memories back to their early days.

The band features Noboru "Jero" Sakuma of Abigail/Gorgon on 4-string artillery. LP with OBI strip and insert.