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• ((AUMAN)) - Suar Marabahaya LP

RM 128.00

BLACK color vinyl version

About two years has passed since the Palembang heavy rock band, ((AUMAN)), decided to disband - since it was formed in 2010 - and four years have passed since they released the album 'Suar Marabahaya'. ((AUMAN)) and the album was one of the determining factors which later made the national music enthusiasts turn to the local music scene in South Sumatra, especially Palembang because they managed to reap some prestigious honors such as from Tempo magazine, Indonesia Cutting Edge Music Awards and Rolling magazine Stone Indonesia.

The album 'Suar Marabahaya' for a long time which in 2013 was originally released in a CD format not been reprinted, became one of the record albums that were sold at high prices by release speculators. Until then Rimauman Music as the holder of the rights to issue from the album received the option to request collaboration from Disaster Records to re-release the album in the format of vinyl. Disaster Records itself is a record label division from Maternal Disaster, which in 2013 had released 'Suar Marabahaya' in tape format. A logical cooperation choice because Maternal Disaster and Disaster Records which are supported by ((AUMAN)) are an integral part of ((AUMAN)) as one of the creative business units that from the beginning gave their support to the band.