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Black Flag’s Loose Nut came as one of the band’s five full length studio albums released between 1984 and 1985. Alongside Loose Nut were albums My War, Slip It In and Family Man (1984). In My Head would be released the following year. A live album was also issued in 84. However, all of these albums were not necessarily intended on being released this closely together. Black Flag, already established as one of the premier hardcore punk bands in California with their 1981 album Damaged, went though a lot of internal problems in years following Damaged up until 1984. One major problem was legal discrepancy regarding their distribution on Unicorn Records and use of the name Black Flag as well as some line up changes. An album was released during this dispute though, and it was a compilation entitled Everything Went Black with the original cover having the band name absent. The compilation album entitled The First Four Years (referring to the bands early years with singer Keith Morris) was also released, and consisted mostly of early EPs of the band. When Unicorn Records went bankrupt, Black Flag was finally out of the battle and were set to continue. Loose Nut, 4th of 5 albums from the band in the short period and 5th studio album in total, was released in 1985 on their original SST Records.