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Wasted Again—the title tacitly acknowledges that some of these songs have been anthologised more than once—commemorates Black Flag's breakup after eight years and more than a dozen releases. Chatty liner notes detail the band's history and ever-shifting lineups, all of which were built around guitarist/songwriter greg ginn. focusing mostly on the punk-oriented early years, with songs like "wasted" (later a college-radio hit for camper van beethoven in an entirely new arrangement), "tv party", "six pack", and "jealous again", the album gives short shrift to black flag's metal-jazz-hardcore mid-'80s era, with "loose nut" and "annihilate this week" best representing this sometimes-peculiar stage in the band's career. as a result, henry rollins' role in the band is somewhat de-emphasised, with songs sung by his predecessors dez cadena, chavo, and keith morris predominating. the compilation contains no new material and so is unessential for fans, but this is probably the best starting point for those unfamiliar with black flag's extensive discography.