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• Pre-Order : Blood Fire Death: The Swedish Metal Story by Ika Johannesson & Jon Jefferson Klingberg

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Feral House Publishing

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- Pages : 240 pgs
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- Publisher: Feral House

How did the otherwise docile country of Sweden become the frontline of a new movement of black metal? That is one of many questions Ika Johannesson seeks to answer in Blood, Fire Death: A Swedish Metal Story. Following the evolution of the genre from 1970s rock to the church-burning satanism of the 1990s, Blood, Fire, Death, not only recounts they music that propelled this scene forward, but the aesthetic and ideological phenomena that gave it rise as well. This is a Swedish metal story that’s not just about non-ironic death worship and darkness, but one of friendship, community, and a profound dedication to the genre as well.