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• Dayak Mardaheka: Sejarah Masyarakat Tanpa Negara di Pedalaman Kalimantan” Book

RM 55.00

Pustaka Catut Publishing

Author: Bima Satria Putra
Indonesian Language.

First Print, June 2021
Pages : 482 pages // Dimension : 14 x 21 cm

The main thesis by the author was basically simple. The history shown; that Country and State was an alianted and imported way of living, not the anarchism itself. Our assumption on the local history had became dull, when everything had been centralized to the history of power and the ruler. By using a different approach, the author tell the story in the eyes and by the Kalimantan Rural community that had been suppressed and mariginalized.

This Book is a multi-disciplinary research, which dig deeper with an ethnography source. The research widey shows the rural area of Kalimantan had been an asylum for the Anarchist Tribe that over thousand of years had resist the existence of Country and successcully created a “Social Mechanism” that fighting the existance of Country and State. The Dayak ethnics was an egalitarian society that proof to sustain their daily living autonomously without the existence of Law, Police and Prison. They co-operate with each other without the existence of Market and Money and always on the run to slaughter any Authoritarian and Oppresive Leaders and Kings.

They migrated to un-touch region in rural kalimantan, becoming “Dayak Laut” (Sea Dayak), head-hunting any intruder /authoritarian figure that had opressed the people with their Taxation, Domination and Opression.