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by Marcello Nardi

When an artist takes an unexpected turn into new musical directions, it may cause stirring among fans. This is not the case of the increasingly global fanbase of progressive fusion maestro Dewa Budjana, who always come prepared to the perennial journeys through the world of their favored guitarist. With a list of collaborations that sums up the who is who of contemporary progressive rock and jazz scene (Jack DeJohnette, Peter Erskine, Vinnie Colaiuta, Antonio Sanchez, Chad Wackerman, Gary Husband, Tony Levin, Billy Sheehan, Jimmy Johnson, Jimmy Haslip, Dave Carpenter, Reggie Hamilton, Ben Williams, Joe Locke, Larry Goldings, Janis Siegel, Dwiki Dharmawan, Ron Thal ‘Bumblefoot’, Guthrie Govan, Tim Garland, Bob Mintzer and many others), the Indonesian guitarist is getting his fans used at fearless sound travels.

For his 11th solo recording, Mahandini, he brings his trademark melodic sound imbued of mystic and delicate south-east asian music through even harder edged-progressive flights and raw contemporary rock stirrings. Whether he is moving in the realm of contemporary prog, highly crafted electric jazz or south-east asian traditional music, he never holds any fear that the earth under his feet can turn marshes.

Mahandini follows the unanimously acclaimed release of double album Zentuary in 2016 and it was recorded in a one-day session in Los Angeles. It is getting the usual for the guitarist to change his line-up each time and masterfully write music that always seems to perfectly adapt each musician in charge. This time he leads a powerful sounding quartet comprising the keyboard wizard Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment), the widely recognized drummer Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats, Steven Wilson, Joe Satriani, Adrian Belew, Trey Gunn, The Mute Gods) and the bassist rising star Mohini Dey (Steve Vai). The record is gifted by the guest appearances of rock legend John Frusciante (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), fusion guitar veteran Mike Stern (Miles Davis, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Billy Cobham, Jaco Pastorius) and by the haunting voice of Indonesian singer Soimah.

Dewa Budjana has a track of 30 years career as main composer and member of the band Gigi, a best seller and rock icon act in his home country Indonesia, and has released 10 solo recordings that gained him an increasing praise by the progressive jazz critics. International album release of Mahandini comes under the supervision of the visionary MoonJune producer Leonardo Pavkovic, who acted as a mentor for Dewa during his explosion to a wider audience in last decade. The title Mahandini comes from two words, Maha & Nandini: Maha means means big, great and Nandini means ‘the vehicle that carries the God Shiva’ in indian. Using this word as the name for this line-up resulted in a good sign, it sounded like I had a Great Vehicle for my music. I was lucky