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Even during the pandemic that interrupted the recording of the band’s fifth and latest post-reunion album, Sweep It Into Space, Dinosaur Jr. seemed compelled to play together in person, performing one of the earliest socially distanced rock shows at a farm in Connecticut.

If you bet a sizable sum back in 2005 that Dinosaur Jr.’s improbable reunion would last longer than the band’s previous two eras combined and generate four new albums ranging from good to great, you’d have cashed in by now. But who would have taken such a gamble? Against steep odds, the Western Massachusetts noisemakers’ classic lineup has made more records in the 21st century than they did in the ’80s, and unlike Pixies, they’ve achieved a kind of lineup equilibrium that eluded them the first go-round. (Maybe time really does heal deep wounds—or maybe J Mascis and Lou Barlow just learned how to communicate after becoming dads, as drummer Murph mused in this SPIN profile surmised.)