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• New - DYSTOPIA - Self Titled CD

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This is a savage and fucking pissed off recording that effectively typifies Dystopia’s precocious and brutal hardcore dynamics. This particular disc is referred to as the final Dystopia LP, the tracks were recorded between 2004-2005 and represent “the last chapter in Dystopia’s existence writing bleak and heavy doom-ridden punk” (that’s what it says on their fittingly sparse and enigmatic myspace page).

Released earlier this year, this recording uses the eerily effective technique of whining feedback and disjointed spoken word samples, employed in the past to such chilling effect by various reprobates such as the Butthole Surfers and Eyehategod. This is coupled with the meaty multi-tempo hardcore thrash that personifies Dystopia’s hardcore-sludge hybrid, the twin screams of drummer Dino and guitarist Mauz injecting ferocious punk attitude into the already toxic broth.