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• Pre Order - ELEANOR C. WHITNEY - Quit Your Day Job Workbook: Building the DIY Project, Life, and Business of Your Dreams BOOK

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224 pages, 5.25x6.75", paperback (10 oz) 

PRE ORDER before 30th Sept 2020

A practical guide and comprehensive workbook for starting a creative business. As an artist, dreamer, or thinker, you may be looking for extra support with the practical aspects of entrepreneurship. This workbook helps you create structures to support your vision, clarify what success looks like for you, find the resources you need, and take your next steps. Includes chapters on topics like branding, publicity, fundraising, pricing your goods and services, forming a legal entity, taking on a partner, making the transition to working for yourself full-time, and knowing when to close or change your business. As you work through these helpful, jargon-free exercises, you'll quickly find that the independent, creative life you imagine is within reach. The workbook can be used on its own or as a companion to Eleanor Whitney's book Quit Your Day Job. For anyone who dreams of turning your hobby, craft, art, or passion project into a fulfilling, sustainable career.