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• Pre-Order : Gombloh "Nadia dan Atmosfer" LP

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Elevation Records

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Release in 1978 and reissue by Elevation Records in 2021.
Gombloh was formed in Surabaya in 1969 which form as a duo, consists of Leo Kristi and Franky Sahilatua. In this album, Nadia and Atmosphere, Gombloh also known as Lemon Trees features Gombloh (Vocals, Guitar, Percussion), Wisnu Padma (Keyboard, Violin, Flute), Totok Tewel (Electric Guitar), Tuche (Bass), Gatot (Guitar) and a back up singer (Lorena, Reiny C, and Ais)
Musically, Gombloh presents a unification of Folk and Pop music, driven by the energy of Rock Music. Its not heavy but the lyrics was beuatifully written, criticize the defunct of social form in Indonesia during that time, which their lyrics beautifully shown in songs like "Merah dan Putih Bersilang Dimukaku", "Tetralogi Fallot" or "Senandung Penegmis Tua Seharaga Rp.5". Gombloh represent the marginal people, which he speak loud to sing a song about the epidemic within his own land.