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• New - JASON RANTI - Akibat Pergaulan Blues CD

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CD with digipack / jewel case version

Item will arrive around last week of February 2021

For indie music lovers may already be familiar with the name Jason Ranti. The musician successfully released his first solo album entitled "Akibat Pergaulan Blues" in 2017. Jason Ranti's debut album is dangerous. Behind the simplicity of the arrangements that rely on guitar playing, Jason filled the lyrics with something that able to attack. Jason Ranti was able to raise the issue of his time in an intelligent way, while at the same time restoring the nature of folk music as folk music - without dusk, without rain, without mountains, folk talks about the ugly truth. Music that voices people's anxiety. Certainly it refers to people who live by logic, and have a strong desire to live in harmony by putting aside sectoral egos.