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• Pre-order : Kribo Records "Sounds of Lecak Vol.1" 2LP

RM 150.00

Guru Guru Brain Records


ETA : June 2024

On Black Vinyl. 
Haqim Maggot plays all guitar, bass, sitar, phin, drums, organ, rhodes, synth and percussions on this release except where noted.

“Sound of Lecak Vol.1” is a double LP compilation album featuring various contemporary artists from the Singaporean underground.

"Sitting atop a bean curd shop on grungy Geylang Road in Singapore, a room filled with vintage gear serves as the home and studio of Kribo Records, the home-grown independent label founded by the enigmatic musician and producer known simply as Maggot. This is where his madcap studio wizardry conjures up the muggy, sweaty, funky and groovy tunes that soundtrack his world within the melting pot culture of his homeland.

This is the Sound of Lecak, a regional stamp on the global retro funk and soul movement, inspired by the indigenous word that can mean moist, wet, muddy or even naughty. Filtered through his love of global soul and rhythms of the ‘60s and ‘70s, Maggot and his collaborators offer up a vibe that’s equal parts Thai Luk Thung / Molam, African Afrobeat, 70’s U.S. funk, disco, psych, soul, and U.K. pop. This collection of Kribo Records singles provides a peek into Maggot’s singular musical attitude, and provides a window into the unique cultural landscape of the Nusantara archipelago."

-Yosuke Kitazawa