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• Pre-order : Nusantara Beat “Djanger/Borondong Garing” 7”

RM 65.00

Bongo Joe Records

Pre-order by 28th Jan 2024

Black Vinyl!

Les Disques Bongo Joe and Jakarta based Lamunai Records are happy to announce the release of Nusantara Beat first ever release ! Their music is a unique blend of traditional Indonesian songs from the 20th century infused with their own style and creativity. The result is a captivating mix of tropical and mystical sounds that transport the audience on a journey to their ancestral land.

Nusantara Beat's commitment to honoring tradition is only part of their mission. They also strive to showcase the immense diversity of Indonesian music and usher it into the future. By adding their own innovative twists to the mix, they pay homage to the traditional sounds while introducing a fresh and contemporary perspective.