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• Pre-order : Prayer for Cleansing "The Rain In Endless Fall" LP (Gold Edge)

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Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, 180G, Gold Edge (Gold with black pinwheel)

The Rain In Endless Fall was Tribunal Records debut release as a fledgling label back in the summer of 1999. It was unknown at that time, but PRAYER FOR CLEANSING would become an extremely influential force in the modern hardcore scene. Fans from all over the world rejoiced for what had been created on The Rain In Endless Fall, it was a perfect blend of melodic Swedish death metal and the brutality of modern hardcore with a hint of black metal viciousness. Even though the record was revolutionary in concept for its time, it seemed all the fans had one major gripe, the production of the record was "lacking," so to speak.

Once the original version of The Rain In Endless Fall had been deleted, surprisingly the demand never did cease, so we decided that instead of just re-release the original album re-mastered, that we would remix it. So engineer, Jamie King, (Between The Buried and Me, Glass Casket and Beloved) was given the opportunity to enhance the original tracks and truly make this a reissue worth having in your collection. The Rain In Endless Fall is now HEAVY, like it was originally intended to be. The individual instruments are more pronounced and clearly defined. It is now a whole new listening experience, and one that we think the fans will enjoy immensely.

This will also open the doors and allow a new legion of fans who might have not been around for PRAYER FOR CLEANSING's brief career to find out how amazing they truly were. The Rain In Endless Fall, will now become the classic it was destined to be upon its initial release, but production flaws and poor engineering prohibited it from doing so. Metal is good.