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• Pre-order : Raein "A Collection of Splits and EPs 2004 - 2015" Cassette

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Persistent Vision

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Release Date : 16th August 2024


“A Collection of Splits and EPs 2004 - 2015” captures the growth of Italy’s Raein, including tracks from their out of print split 7”s with Loma Prieta, Funeral Diner, Ampere, Daitro, and Phoenix Bodies, along with an early 7” EP, “Döden Marscherar Åt Väst”. This collection of songs was remastered in 2024 by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, and comes packaged in a custom embossed jacket and printed inner sleeve.

Raein are an emotional and discordant punk band from Italy, originally founded by members from La Quiete and Neil On Impression. Upon their formation in 2002, the band released a dizzying amount of music, across multiple splits, EPs and albums, while extensively touring the world during their original run. Reformed in 2023, Raein is considered to be one of the leaders in emotional post-hardcore, carrying a similar spirit and sound as bands like Orchid, Saetia, Pg.99, and others. Melding melody and discordance into something truly beautiful to experience.


01. Faithless
02. New Day Scenario
03. Blue Lines
04. This Life My Cage
05. On Air
06. Armando 10 Bota
07. Parte 1
08. Parte 2
09. Endless Tourlife
10. Amore E Guerra (Love and Death)
11. Comete
12. Spaccare Il Mondo