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To apply the cover of this record, dip a sponge in acrylic paint and dab the paint through the stencil onto a piece of cloth. Alternatively, hold a can of spraypaint eight to twelve inches from the stencil and spray through it onto a surface owned by an offensive corporation. Better yet, make your own stencil designs with which to beautify and reclaim public spaces, and concoct your own plots by which to accomplish the same goal on a larger scale.

Stef—drums, voice
B—guitar, voice
Mark and Mackie—members emeritus

Requiem is an anarchist band rooted in the do-it-yourself punk community. In our experience, music—like all aspects of life—can only flourish when it is free from the demands of economics and competition, the constraints of binary gender, and the inertia of conformity and routine.
By itself, a record is a dead thing—and in a world of death, it’s senseless to encourage people to spend time listening to and contemplating dead things. But perhaps a record can also be a candle lit in supplication, a flare beseeching Where are the others? Where are you, who might be our allies, who could be our companions? For we are not dead things. We are still very much alive.
We hope our music can help bring together communities of dreamers and dissidents, and give succor and encouragement to those engaged in struggle of all kinds. Meaningful art cannot be made where life is meaningless; we aspire to craft a future in which life, and thus art, can be beautiful and free in ways unimaginable today.
We have not lost faith in the power of audio frequencies. They can shatter glass, shed tears, shake foundations. They are as good a weapon as any, and as good a medicine. At the same time, we know all too well that music alone will not enable us to triumph against injustice and suffering. We urge you to make use of every means at your disposal to oppose these forces—as we pledge to, ourselves.

Cakalak Thunder, a radical drum corps from Greensboro, NC, first formed as an affinity group for the FTAA protests in Miami, in November of 2003. Playing on buckets, wearing blue and green, and accompanied by banners, puppets, and flags, we brought rhythmic cacophony to the streets, and energized the 10,000 other folks there in our struggle against the forces of global capitalism. Originally a marching-band-style drum corps, we have morphed into a fledgling samba school while maintaining a radical focus. We strive to be conscious, accountable, and open. We welcome anyone to join us, and we practice every week, obsessively. We love drumming together, and we believe in the power of creativity, and specifically music, to make us know in our bones that another world is possible.

The drum corps was recorded May 2005 by Endre Njøs and Danny Bayer at the warehouse space Requiem shared with them and many other musical and artistic collectives in the Greensboro community. Everything else was recorded and mixed at the Jam Room in Columbia, South Carolina between June 21 and 30. Jay Matheson and Steve Slavich operated the equipment, and Philip Cope worked selflessly from the beginning to the end of the process to make sure everything sounds its best. Brent Lambert mastered it all at the Kitchen in Carrboro, North Carolina on July 5.

love like you’ve never lost
fight like we’ve never won