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• Pre Order - RIVAL MOB "Harcore for Hardcore" 12"

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Pre Order before 19th January 2021

Originally released as a 7" in 2010 on the back of their storming "Raw Life" EP on Lockin' Out Records, "Hardcore For Hardcore" gets a brand new, deluxe look on a new format with remaster. The band has since gone on to release their "Mob Justice" LP on Revelation Records and headlined hardcore fests around the world, so if you missed out the first time 'round, here's another chance to grab this anthem-filled corker. There are two extra tracks, one on each side of the 12", that were originally featured on a promo tape from the recording session including a cover of "Positive Scene" by Crippled Youth. This release will be exclusive to QCHQ and no USA version will be coming out. Features art by Jay Bill. Imported from the UK. Now available for a new, lower price.