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• Pre-Order " Studio Ghibli 7" Box - 4x7" Boxset

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Studio Ghibli Records

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Pink Colr 7"

The theme songs of "Castle in the Sky" and "My Neighbor Totoro", including "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind", which has been 35 years since the movie was released, are still loved by many people.
In particular, the 7inch of "My Neighbor Totoro" at that time became a rare item that puts a high price in the second-hand market, and there is no end to wants from overseas.
This analog record EP board is completely reprinted as it was at the time of release and stored in the BOX! The sound quality will be newly mastered and released for this time!

Product Information // Box Information:
Reprinted 7 inches 4 sheets (contents) + Bonus disc (color board) + Original adapter (* Adapter set in the center because it is a donut board)

Tracklist :
1. [Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind / Fairy of the Wind] - Song: Narumi Yasuda (1984)
2. [If you can fly in the sky / I don't need a virgin road] - Song: Yoko Obata (1986)
3. [MyneighborTotoro / Put you on] - Song: Azumi Inoue (1987.10.25)
4. [My Neighbor Totoro / Sanpo] - Song: Azumi Inoue (1988.3.25)
5. Bonus Disc [Put You / My Neighbor Totoro]

Crystal sound source
● Discs 1 to 4 = The EP disc that was on sale is reproduced as it is.
● 5 bonus discs = Includes instrumental songs from crystal sound sources.
● Adapter = Studio Ghibli Record Original Adapter.