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Draped in a flag of patriotic shame, the Hated stormed onto the scene just as D.C.’s Revolution Summer was swerving out of control. Channeling Bad Brains’ Black thrash and Hüsker Dü’s zen approach to hardcore, Dan Littleton, Erik Fisher, Colin Meeder, and Mike Bonner synthesized their own version of what became emo in 1985.

Tracks A1-B3 from The Best Piece Of Shit Vol. 3, self-released, 1985
Tracks A1, A5, C1, D2 from No More We Cry, Vermin Scum Records (No. 2), 1985
Tracks C2, C4-C8, D1, D5-D7 previously unissued
Track C3 from Fit Of Rage demo tape and Crabtowne, Vermin Scum Records (Tape 02), 1985
Tracks C9 and D4 from Crabtowne, Vermin Scum Records (Tape 02), 1985
Track D3 from The Best Piece of Shit Vol. 2 cassette, previously unissued, 1983