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• Pre-order : The Stupids “Slow on the Uptake” 12"

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Violent Pest Records


Pre-order by 31st Jan 2024


12" slab from Ipswich, UK's Stupids. Back with their first new music since 2009's The Kids Don't Like It...

They're still the same old Stupids but better, new and improved beyond expectation. No need to say more but if you must they have been blasting away since '83. Known for blazing a trail of destruction across the landscape with tours of all the major places and most of the minor ones. Leaving sensible people shocked and agape. Available now on a colorful hunk of wax (CLEAR / BLUE SPLATER VINYL - to be exact) with a colorful sleeve and full color insert.

Recorded by Hawkes Design & Build mobile at the East Coast Fight Factory, Bentwaters, Suffolk.
Mixed by Klute at PBJ Studio, Central Ipswich, Suffolk.