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Zygote was the band that formed after the first breakup of AMEBIX in the late '80s, and included Stig Miller and Spider of AMEBIX along with George Smutpig and Tim Crow of the SMARTPILS.

A repress on the Portuguese label, Monolith, of an overlooked classic from the slightly obscure and murky period of UK underground-punk music that was the early 1990s, when a generation of UK bands who had been active in the hardcore-crossover explosion of the mid to late 80s (Heresy, Antisect, Napalm Death etc.) faltered, split and sometimes reformed anew - which in this instance was Amebix and the Smartpils, re-configured to continue the legacy that both West Country bands had laid down in the preceeding decade.

Stepping away from the post-apocalyptic-biker vibe of Amebix toward the more occult-influenced space-rock vibe that the Smartpils had been known for. Lessening the Motorhead; increasing the Killing Joke.

Zygote were a short lived band that didn’t hang-around long enough to recieve the attention and appreciation that awaited them, so this is a long overdue and very worthy re-release, lovingly remastered and put back together true to the original that was released by MCR Records (UK) in 1991 (but for the addition of two tracks that were previously only available on the CD version of 1994).

Also includes an additional, and rather fabullous fold out poster. The re-release was remastered by Jack Butcher and comes with insert and poster.