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• The Jansen "Banal semakin Binal" CD

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The Jansen’s Banal Semakin Binal is an anthem-filled melodic punk album that speaks about the mundanity of everyday life but is never boring.  Like most young people, Bogor trio The Jansen started playing by emulating the sonic assault of its musical heroes: mid-tempo 70’s punk rock in the vein of The Ramones, The Buzzcocks and The Undertones.  And while the band continues to rely on power chords and melodic sensibilities, its new album—the band’s third—Banal Semakin Binal (roughly translated to “banal but wilder”) sees the band unashamedly delivering more hooks and singalongable choruses that bring to mind local alternative pop legends such as Pure Saturday and Rumah Sakit. The political lyrics of its early material has also been replaced by poetic rants about mundane, everyday life.

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