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• Ubiet "Kroncong Tenggara" CD

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Ubiet (Nya Ina Raseuki) is a world music phenomenon, which in this Kroncong Tenggara release, she seeks to marry the musical dynamics of popular traditional Indonesian tunes with the lyricsm of contemporary Indonesian poets. Kroncong Tenggara is a music album by Ubiet. Released in 2007. On this album Ubiet combines elements of jazz and keroncong. On this album Ubiet is assisted by Dian HP and Riza Arshad.

Interestingly, all of the group's personnel came from various genres, ranging from jazz, classical, Malay, pop to tanggo, which then led to popular hybrid music, namely keroncong! Kroncong Tenggara consists of Ubiet (Vocals), Dian HP (Accordion-left, Keyboard), Riza Arshad (Accordion-right), Dony Koeswinarno (Flute, Saxophone), Dimawan Krisnowo Adji (Cello), Hadi Mulyono (Mandolin-Cak), Maryono Aceng (Ukulele-Cuk), Adi Darmawan (Bas Elektrik) and Jalu Pratidina (Kendang Sunda, Perkusi). They strengthen the keroncong soul as the main point, but still retain some keroncong elements such as the cak-cuk rhythm that is played on ukulele and mandolin which explore various musical elements. All songs feel different from keroncong in general, each instrument sounds mutually chasing to form a beautiful harmony.