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B.B KING - King of the Blues : Original Blues Classics LP

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Raised in Mississippi, where he was born in 1925, Riley B. King went on to become one of the blues' most influential guitarists, blazing a trail with his distinctive semi-acoustic Gibson guitar known as Lucille. The 16 classic tracks assembled here tell just one chapter of B.B. King (and Lucille)'s story - but what a priceless chapter it is.

1. 3 O'Clock Stomp
2. Quit My Baby
3. Gonna Miss You Around Here
4. Good Man Gone Bad
5. Woman I Love
6. Sugar Mama
7. Hully Gully
8. Fishin' After Me

1. When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer
2. Walking Dr. Bill
3. Going Down Slow
4. Mean Ole Frisco
5. My Sometime Baby
6. Sweet Sixteen Pt. 1
7. Sweet Sixteen Pt. 2
8. Partin' Time