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• Eyefeelsix "Illmortality" CD

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After going through the process of recording and production for almost 9 months, and experiencing schedule delays, finally with this we can announce that the latest EYEFEELSIX album titled "Illmortality" has been released. Their debut album was debuted in 2011 with 90s boombap orthodoxy and the next level of lirical acrobatic progress by the EYEFEELSIX. 

Andre Jeruji, Hardy Outright, Viki Burgerkill to Luke Hellbeyond teaming up to form collaborations fot this release. There was also one MC Bandung battalion which marching on one track, from Antzkilla from RUN BDG camp, Proscezz, Dule to Sarkasz ex-Homicide contributing. From a banger boombap like “Tak Bisa Dibungkam” to a "Suicide" pit-crusher. This is their best work to date.