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• Flukeminimix "Between Spaces Into Space" CD

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Flukeminimix is a music group consisting of Farris Karamy Gibran (piano, guitar, vocals), Ibrahim Adi Surya (lead guitar), Rangga Damaputra (guitar), Iqbal Amarullah (bass, glockenspiel), Roby Aldino (drum). This music group trip began in 2008 in the city of Bandung. 

From the beginning, Flukeminimix did not define the music it carried into a particular genre. This is because Flukeminimix does not want to limit the sound exploration space in the process of achieving harmonization in their music. Therefore, until now Flukeminimix continues to explore and experiment in the scope of sound, composition and tone to the medium of delivery. 

As a music group, Flukeminimix believes that music has a noble value. Not merely as an entertainment medium, but as the most important means to fulfill needs that are essential for human life; like the taste of art, space of expression, scholarship, to transcendental