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• Pre-Order : Helloween "Master of the Rings" LP

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Sanctuary Records
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The lush reissue on 180g vinyl.  Black Vinyl

Master of the Rings contains highly energetic and varied Power Metal throughout the ten compositions on the album. “Sole Survivor”, in particular, can sway over legions of former fans, with Grapow and Welki’s impressive performances creating shredding solos and simple, yet quite effective, riffing. Grosskopf also does a great job creating a rhythm section. That being said, newcomers Uli Kusch and Andi Deris bring impressive appearances on the song, and the album, as well. Kusch immediately brings a larger presence of the drum work into the album as the track begins, and Deris’s singing contains aggression not heard in Helloween, or even much Power Metal. The following tracks, such as “Take Me Home”, “In the Middle of a Heartbeat”, and especially the curiously titled “Where the Rain Grows” all demonstrate each member’s contributions to the album; including fantastic song-writing. One bizarre, yet fun, example of Helloween’s songwriting on this album is “The Game is On”; a song that is extremely energetic, yet having dark, but humorously done, lyrics of how a man gets addicted to a game and is unaware of the burning house around him. The production of the album is clear; creating a very vibrant and enjoyable experience overall.