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• Pre-Order : OFF! "Wasted Years" LP/CD

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Vice Records

Available on Black Vinyl and CD format
Pre - Order before 15th July 2021

Even without all Black Flag related nonsense that’s been happening on and off for two years, Keith Morris has recently enjoyed a compelling and visceral return to the spotlight. He hosted his own punk station on the new Grand Theft Auto game and has returned to present tense conversation for all the right reasons. Mostly, this comes in the form of OFF!, his punk supergroup that has a knack for 90 second tunes and throwing up middle fingers in every musical and lyrical way possible. Morris is joined by Redd Kross’s Stephen Shane McDonald, Dmitri Coats of Burning Brides, and drummer Mario Rubalcaba, who has been in and out of more great rock bands than you can count. Together, the four of them cast off all sense of radio accessibility for the most scorching punk group the modern world has seen in a decade. OFF! drop their second full length record this week, called Wasted Years, on VICE Records. With sixteen tracks, averaging out at just under a minute and a half each, Wasted Years is an unrelenting twenty-three minute masterpiece. 100% more continuous than their self-titled of 2012, and carrying more brutal aggression and fervor than anything they’ve put out prior, Wasted Years is a punk masterpiece, and makes a name for OFF! as an individual group, apart from any ties they had to other groups in (wasted) years past.