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Initially conceived in 2002 under the guise of Goat Molestör, this band of occult death metal alchemists took their aesthetic to new plateaus of invincibility in 2008 when they rechristened themselves Grave Miasma. Soon after, a debut 35-minute EP entitled Exalted Emanation surfaced, followed by their Realm of Evoked Doom EP (which compiled material from their Goat Molestör demo days), and overnight, the London-based ensemble was known and revered worldwide throughout the death metal underground.

With devastating live shows that fulfilled the promise of those initial EPs, Grave Miasma made their mark at many reputable international festivals—Roadburn, Hole in the Sky, Kill Town Deathfest, Hell’s Pleasure, Black Mass Ritual Fest, Redemption Festival in Europe; Rites of Darkness and Martyrdoom in the US, where they have also done a West Coast tour; Noctis Fest in Canada—all even before any kind of full-length had been released. Now, Grave Miasma are poised to reign amongst the death metal elite.

Pure death metal revelation, their debut album Odori Sepulcrorum raises the scene to a new level, with no other 2013 work able to match its power. The release showcases a new sense of artistry, harnessing uncanny atmospherics and heaving might. A milestone in occult death metal, Odori Sepulcrorum will go down as a classic of ritual darkness.