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• PRE-ORDER - ZOMBI - Surface to Air 12"/CD

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The extraordinary two-piece Zombi has reappeared with Surface to Air, the long-awaited follow-up to its acclaimed debut Cosmos. Surface to Air teems with the stirring, trance-inducing deluges of rhythm and sound the duo is renowned for. Swelling waves of melodic synth ride atop a broad bass and drum foundation. Sequences of repetition roll, build, and unfold with the measured patience of master artisans. Less an album than a moving, breathing mass of symphonic sound; Surface to Air creates boundless moving pictures that are nothing short of breathtaking.

Review from :
The songs are reminiscent of Rush, music from early 90's PC shooters(Duke Nukem, Doom, ETC) and just progressive rock in general. The images in your head provided by the tunes on this album range from taking off at hyper drive into deep space, to emerging from the warm nest of a future ice bunker on a frozen Earth. The entire album seems to be highly influenced by science fiction. Despite there being no lyrics or vocals on this album the speaks sonically. Creating atmosphere and emotion with a futuristic touch.