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• Short, Fast & Loud #30 Zine + free 7"

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Six Weeks Records

Free Deathgrave/Isolation Wound split 7"
Pages : 54 pages // Size : 7" x 7"

Athena Kautsch and Jeff Robinson have published Short, Fast & Loud since the late ’90s. Their dedication to all forms of ear-piercing music is honestly admirable. The latest issue boasts interviews with recently reformed SoCal powerviolence band Gasp, Italian hardcore legends Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, and Brazilian noise outfit Industrial Holocaust. Also included are record reviews and columns, including some background on Kautsch and Melissa Elbirt’s upcoming documentary The West Coast Power Violence Project. Short, Fast & Loud is lovingly assembled for all you deviant noise junkies out there!

This issue also comes with a maniacal split 7" between Deathgrave (Bay Area grind/violence powerhouse) and Violation Wound (fierce, uber-pissed Bay Area hardcore punk, written and conceived by Chris Reifert of Autopsy).